Hospitality Consulting

Advisory services with high impact solutions.

Globalization and Education

Transform peoples ideas and education.

Hospitality Staff Training

Help employees become more effective.

Events and conferences

Through our company, it is never too early to start planning for your next event. If you have questions about space, catering options, or logistical concerns, our company is here to help. Conference and Event Services provides everything you need to complete your event. We provide logistic planning, building reservation, and catering needs for all our clients. Our company can be used as resource to host all types of events in cooperation with our partners including large and small scale conferences, meetings, lectures, receptions, and private parties.

Other services provided by our company include event registration, accommodation, promotional materials, way-finding signs, audio/visual assistance and parking or transportation needs. Feel free to contact us regarding your event.

Health and Safety Programs

Advanced Medical and First Aid

Guest Relations Programs

What VALUE do you create for the client?

Restaurant Service Programs

Engage Customers with better Staff Training

Hotel case studies and consulting

Here at EOTC, we have highly experienced consultants that can offer to our clients advice and introduce new ways of dealing with ongoing and existing problematic issues, especially for hotels and restaurants such as:

  • Low Moral of the company
  • Negative reviews from guests
  • Image and lack of promotion

  • Low Quality service
  • Bad Quality of product
  • Revenue problems-cost control

  • Maintaining of building
  • Standard of cleaning and hygiene
  • Safety and health problems

Once it is recognized that the cost of fixing a problem always exceeds the cost of preventing it, our check and assurance services become a wise investment. Our consultants can provide you with full and detail analysis with solutions that can help you to deal with your existing issues and help you move forwards on your journey to success.

Educational programs for schools

Through our innovating educational programs for teachers and educators related, we wish to bring a new level of excellence to the educational process
by providing knowledge on the basis of the European Union's models to meet their educational needs.

Our view of Learning

We believe that the best way to succeed in influencing your learning is the time devoted to active and realistic learning. I LISTEN, I WATCH, I FEEL, I PROCESS, I IMPLEMENT. By personally connecting both the importance of learning and the people who can help you, you will have an impact.

We know you are in your best position when you have a good balance between three basic elements: MIND-BODY-SPIRIT. We encourage you to pay attention to your psychological and physical well-being, as this will ultimately lead to greater performance.

Employee engagement isn’t just about attitudes in the workplace: it can have a serious impact on your bottom line.